Baileys coffee creamer: it’s not fall till you’ve had some Pumpkin Spice coffee

Baileys seasonal (fall) flavored creamers: review + giveaway

Baileys coffee creamer: fall flavors - Megan BlogsI love fall.
Fall to me is, in order of importance: cooler weather, my birthday, pumpkins, and turkey. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of turkey; I can take it or leave it. My birthday? A source of angst once 40 came and went buh-bye. But colder weather and pumpkins? I’m all over it!

At Blogher12, the blogging conference I attended in August, I got to taste the new Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer from Baileys. It was most excellent in a crowded, New-York-in-August hot-and-sticky day, so I was eagerly anticipating its consumption in a more clement and appropriate weather.


Baileys best fall flavor: Pumpin Spice coffee creamer

The good folks at Baileys gave me some coupons to try out the new fall flavors, available since mid-September: Pumpkin Spice, White Silk and Spice, and (oh yes) Gold Cheesecake. These are seasonal fall flavors, here today gone tomorrow. So off I went to redeem my free, delicious creamers. 7 Vons’s and Ralph’s later, I had only managed to find the While Silk and Spice and the Gold Cheesecake flavors… I guess the Pumpkin Spice was too popular for my own good. So to complete my triad, I picked the Toffee Almond Cream, quite a departure from my usual, though much more modestly decadent, Caramel or Vanilla flavors.

They were fabulous. Fall in all its glory!

Baileys seasonal coffee creamer flavors - Megan Blogs

My favorite of the three Baileys coffee creamers was the Toffee Almond Cream, though my favorite of all, so far, was the Pumpkin Spice (insert self-pity boohoo here). The flies that descended on my kitchen to “help” me taste test, picked the other two as their favorite.


thumbs up for Baileys Gold Cheesecake coffee creamer - Megan Blogs    Thumbs up for Baileys White silk and Spice coffee creamer - Megan Blogs

Meet fly #1, Norman the old poop

Favorite flavor: Gold Cheesecake
Favorite time to drink: Night, preferably after dinner
Favorite complaint: Can’t sleep because he had too much coffee

Meet fly#2, my brother-in-law

Favorite flavor: White Silk and Spice
Favorite way to drink: With lots of sugar (don’t ask)
Favorite complaint: Anything and everything about my sister, his wife (which is neither here not there, and not entirely true, but I couldn’t just let the opportunity pass… I gots your back, sis!)

My little experiment conclusion? Baileys coffee creamers are indeed gender-blind.


Baileys coffee creamers, the crème de la crème of coffee creamers (my feeble attempt at a pun)

Okay, I like coffee. I’m not gonna lie to you, I would probably like it with another creamer too. But if I can get the distinct Baileys signature flavors in my coffee, why wouldn’t I? I’d be nuts to settle for less.

Did you know that Baileys has been making their non-alcoholic coffee creamers (including their famous Original Irish Cream) for over 30 years? It goes without saying that they have officially perfected the recipe, at least in my book. To find out more about all things coffee creamers, check out Baileys lovely website. Don’t forget to check out the recipes section for some decadence, dessert-style. And do follow them on Twitter and Facebook, to stay apprised of their latest news, sampling events, and freebies.


Baileys coffee creamers, the giveaway

Baileys Coffee Creamers giveaway - Megan Blogs

Thanks to the generosity of the good folks at Baileys, I’m giving away complimentary coupons for three Baileys coffee creamers to two random winners, so two lucky people can have the opportunity to taste the awesome seasonal flavors, including the elusive Pumpkin Spice creamer. On one condition: if you find the Pumpkin Spice creamer, you are not allowed to gloat. Okay, maybe just a little :)

You only need to do one thing to participate in this giveaway: answer the question: which Baileys coffee creamer flavor do you like (or would like to try)? Make sure that you use an email address that you frequently check, when leaving your answer/comment, so I’ll be able to contact you for your prize. Ends 10/29/12.

The random drawing winner will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Open to US + Canada residents only. You must be 18 years or older to enter. See full disclaimer|disclosure here.

Congrats winners, Tara and Debbie!

This giveaway is now closed, thank you all for participating!


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