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First off, how important is Facebook?

  • about 20% of referral traffic to major content publishers is driven from Facebook
  • Twitter is around 6%
  • Varies wildly by site!

How do you build audience?

  • organic content= great content is great but it doesn't generate new fans
  • promotions (giveaways, contests, etc.)
  • advertising and promoted content= not free :)

Part I: Organic content – Two ways to grow audience

  • better images= with the new Facebook bigger images with linked content, we get bigger, rectangular images but watch out for the automatic cropping
  1. go horizontal: uses a 1.91:1 aspect ratio
  2. recommended minimum size is 600px x 315 px
  3. ideal is 1200px x 630px
  • better coding on our site= Facebook open graph (OG) tags can have a big impact on your site's shareability and fan growth
  1. WordPress plugins typically cover OG Title, site name, description, etc.
  2. Article author= lets you identify the FB URL of the post author, which will trigger a “follow” button on posts (good for multi-author blogs)
  3. Article publisher= identifies the FB page of your blog, which will trigger a “like page” button on posts (super important!!)
  4. [note to self] google OG tag and Facebook to learn how to do that!
  5. IMPORTANT: must specify that the type of business is media publisher to be able to have access to this feature!

Part II: Promotions

  • Facebook has eased up its restriction on giveaways and contests, but there are still lots of rules.
  • Pages can now host giveaways that can be entered by commenting and entering.
  • Contacting the winner might be a problem with Facebook though, because the person who wins may have privacy settings on and message notifying them they won winds up in the “other” folder.
  • Using apps solves some of the problems of gathering emails, compile analytics and stats.
  • One big restriction on Facebook promotions: Having participants share the contest or giveaway on their own wall violates Facebook rules.
  • Recommendation for promotional tools: Woobox, Shortstack

Part III: Advertising and promotion content

  • like ads= if your site is well known (literally the cheapest ads on earth)
  • promoted posts= if your content is your strong suit and name recognition is low, go with promoted posts.

1. create a budget and timeline then tell FB to promote your newest post

2. manually promote your posts of any dollar amount on any schedule.

— your targeting options: location, demographic, or fan base



Beware the 20% rule for ads- check your image with Grid Tool to make sure text doesn't occupy more than 20% rule.

More Facebook ad rules you should know about:

  • ad text must include proper grammar and the use of all symbols, numbers, or letters must adhere to the true meaning of the symbol
  • you cannot position products in a sexually suggestive manner
  • can't imply audience's gender, religion, age, or sexual orientation (don't put an ad that says “Hey, ladies, are you tired of….”
  • No guns.

Facebook is currently overhauling its entire approach to ad units, scheduled to roll out “this fall”.


How to keep growing on Facebook? as frustrating as it is, it's worth experimenting and adapting your approach to audience growth.


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