Have Smartphone Will Blog: Mobile Blogging Strategies, Tips & Tricks #TypeACon #Liveblogging

Speaker: Terrance Gaines (aka brothatech)


Why go mobile?

  • more content= blog on the fly, get the ideas down whenever they happen
  • efficiency & productivity= squeeze more time from places where you have down time (on the train, in the waiting room, and yes, even the bathroom)
  • limited resources
  • “write it down”

Mobile Blogging How-To

  • Two key apps: WordPress and Blogger
  • Download app, enter credentials, compose & style, draft or publish
  • If you don’t have a smartphone or are not comfortable with the phone apps: post via email (no apps to download)
  • Note-taking apps (recommend Evernote)
  1. don’t need network connectivity= type, save, then when you have internet, publish it
  2. less clutter= it’s an empty space, nothing to distract you
  3. gather more ideas in one space
  • Mobile vlogging= you don’t need to type, they see your personality, more shareable
  1. good lighting= you want all the lighting to be facing you
  2. no script= don’t write out everything, just bullet points should be enough
  3. just do it= be authentic
  4. record in landscape= wasted space

Alternate Mobile Blogging Ideas

Content that lend themselves to the mobile blogging platform:

  • vlog or audio interview
  • opinion post= short post, ask for opinion
  • photo challenge
  • live blogging/ tweeting [hey, I AM doing that]

Mobile Blogging Tips and Tricks

  • turn off notifications= so they don’t interrupt you
  • one featured image= keep it simple
  • break up paragraphs= keep it orderly
  • keep it short= 200-300 words
  • draft on mobile, edit on desktop= if skittish about publishing directly from mobile

Last thought

Content is king… even on mobile devices!

— you can find Terrance on Twitter @brothatech



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