@MinuteClinic and me: baby steps #weightloss #spreadhealth

I’m a blogger. Worse, I’m a blogger who loves graphics, coding, and designing websites. Which means that, left to my own devices, I would literally live at my desk only to leave it periodically when nature and caffeine withdrawal kick in.

You think I’m kidding?

Minute Clinic and me: baby steps at weight loss ~ megan BLOGSPhotocredit: crowolf

Okay, so this is not my actual desk, but it might as well be.

Which means that, left to my own devices, I would eat all sorts of crap and eat them at my desk while being simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr. Not YouTube because, let’s face it, I probably didn’t wash my face or brush my hair in the morning. And of course, I’m still in my pajamas.

Which means that, left to my own devices, I would steadily put on weight, fitting into the old office chair more and more snugly. Day after day. Week after week. Year after year.

But I’m a blogger. So I am privy to cool things. Like the latest apps, sure, and all those wonderful new products to try. But also I’m front and center to be notified when a cool company like CVS’s Minute Clinic starts a new weight loss program. An extremely lucky blogger because they chose to give me a free pass to try said weight loss program.

New weight loss program at CVS's Minute Clinic ~ megan BLOGS

If you’ve been following my Minute Clinic #spreadhealth updates, you may have noticed a different tone in my interests and focus. That’s because, since I’ve met with them, I have been thinking about weight in a whole new way. Instead of blaming my thyroid (which works fine and has worked fine for the last 10 years as my poor doctor whom I insist on having test it every year has been repeatedly telling me), the dang forties and my slowing metabolism, and whatever/whomever else happened to be handy, I now know for a fact that I only have myself to blame. Namely, that I eat the wrong things at the wrong times and that, gasp, I hardly ever exercise. When left to my own devices, that is.

I started the Minute Clinic weight loss program a couple of months ago, when I needed to crash diet for a wedding. I wasn’t successful in losing the requisite 20 lbs to fit into the fancy black dress that sits in my closet, with tags still on, mocking me. Obviously, what I wanted wasn’t realistic (I only had 5 weeks to lose that weight), but what I learned was an even bigger take-away. Allow me to demonstrate:

Baby steps at weight loss: Hiking up Runyon Canyon ~ megan BLOGSPhotocredit: Sirsnapsalot

Later today, my niece is coming over and we’re going to hike up Runyon Canyon together. I have been talking about this hike for the last 15 years, ever since I moved to Studio City. I probably can hike up to it from my house in less time it takes me to hike the trail. I could have driven to it 5,475 times so far, at least. I drive by its entrance all the time, in passing. But all I’ve done is talk about it, making tentative, future plans with this friend and that, but I’ve never really done it. Until today.

This is big for me. HUGE. Massive.

And I owe it to the Minute Clinic weight loss program, no question about it.

This weekend, I’ll be in Atlanta for the Type A conference. If you’re attending, come see me at the Minute Clinic booth and I’ll tell you all about the weight loss program and how it works. Or see the two Nurse Practitioners who can answer any of your questions. And follow me as I tweet for them — I’m one of the social media ambassadors for Minute Clinic at this conference because they were generous enough to pay me for what I was already doing anyway… singing their praises.

Oh, they’ll also have some cool prizes, even for non-bloggers (hint: with the hashtag #spreadhealth).

This is gonna be great.


{My participation in the Minute Clinic Weight Loss Program was comped. As with all reviews on this blog, this is entirely based on my own, unbiased opinion. Feel free to quote me :) See the full text of my disclaimer/disclosure here}


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