Selling Yourself: It’s Possible To Do It Without Being That Guy! #TypeACon #liveblogging

Speakers: Lisa Lehmann, Tatiana Jordan


Selling Yourself

To sell successfully, it's crucial to:

  • Have (or be) something awesome
  • Gain trust (by being authentic)
  • Be confident= you aren't just anything.. own it (not arrogant)
  • There are a lots of things you do know but a lot of things you don't= share information with others
  • Be prepared = why should they: buy your product? hire you? choose you?
  • Be honest, be real: share your failures as much as your successes
  • Real relationships will produce really awesome results= if you authentically care, it shows. Reach out on social media, comment on other blogs, respond to comments
  • Know your market (or audience)= know your strengths, look for what works with your audience.
  • Test what works… and what doesn't= ask for feedback ( and graciously accept constructive criticism)
  • Stretching yourself way too thin makes you LESS authentic and LESS effective= you have to focus on what works for you, for your family, for your schedule, for your content


  1. perfect your product/brand/writing
  2. confidence
  3. authenticity
  4. build relationships
  5. take risks
  6. never settle


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